Naraya Bali Puja

Narayan Bali Puja

The Narayana Bali puja is described more in detail in the Garuda Purana's 40th chapter. The Garuda Purana is a sacred book of Hindus where the texts describe the life and death of the human beings. 90 percent of the text content is in Purvakanda and the rest is in Pretakanda. The Purvakanda and Pretakanda are the two main contents of the Garuda Purana. The Narayana Bali puja rites are associated in the Pretakanada content that is the rituals performed after the death. It is said that the soul revolves around until the family performs these rites which are also known as pinda pradana. Pitru dosha or Pitru shaapa are the two distinct rituals of Narayana Bali puja which are performed mainly to get discarded from their ancestral curse.

The benefit gained by performing this puja is that it helps in getting a sense of peace and happiness in the family. It helps in keeping the negative vibes away. This ritual makes the ancestors to rest in peace and shower their blessings. The important benefit gained is that it helps to get rid of the ancestral curse and fulfill their desires whose death occurred unnaturally. The Hindus believe that this is the only way to keep our ancestor’s soul to rest in peace and secure their blessings which brings the positive vibes in the family by eradicating all the problems and negativities.